Gantry Robots, Palletisers, Case Packers Overview Table

Gantry Robots, Palletisers, Case Packers Overview Table

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Description/ ModelSpeedTechnicalFormat Range Applications Benefits
Wrap Around Case Packer
Wrap Around Case Packers
Up to 60 Cases Per minuteDe-centralised servo Drives

Up to 28 Layers per minute

  • Aerosol Cans
  • Bottles
  • Cartons
  • Cheese and other shrink packed products
  • Bakery Goods
  • Chocolates
  • Pots
  • Flow Packs
  • Stick Packs
  • Tubs
  • Fast Changeover
  • Flexible Format Range
  • High Speed
  • Cases and/or trays on the same machine
  • Shelf ready and two piece designs can be produced
  • Designed for 24 hour operation
Case Erector forming Case at 60 per min
Case Erecting Machines
< 60 cases per minuteDe-centralised Servo Driven122 ? 407 x 87 ? 309 x 160 ? 400 mm
  • Wine Bottles
  • Small Footprint
  • Fluted board or Cardboard
  • Easy and quick changeover
Vario GO558
Volume Reducing Case Sealing Machine
Volume Reducing case taping machine
10 cartons/minuteSensors detect incoming case footprint, height and content height

Knives slit creases to reduce height

Gummed tape dispenser seals folded flaps

Automatic volume reduction

Length 300 - 600 mm
Width 200 - 500 mm
Height 110 - 500 mm
  • Logistics and Dispatch
  • Warehouse goods out
  • Consumer goods
  • Internet order fulfilment
  • Reduced fill good costs
  • Reduced transport costs
  • Recyclable paper tape application possible
  • Tamper evident gummed taped possible
  • Knife free box opening with tear strip
  • Additional taping positions optional
Tray Packing Machine for Pots of Yogurt
Tray Packers
60 Trays per minute
De-centralised Servo System
  • Trays with Slots
  • Special Trays designs
  • Octagonal Trays
  • Wrap Around Tray
  • Partition loading
  • Built for 3 shift operation
  • Robust welded frame
  • Accurate and fast changeover
GO 795 Single
GO 795 Twin
GO 795 Triple
Case Erector GO 795
Flexible Case Erectors
Roller Doors to allow maintenance whilst running

Macralon Guards

Stainless Steel design upon request

  • Disptach
  • Warehouse
  • Low output per line multi-line applications
  • Hand Loading
  • less than 5 minute changeover
  • Up to 3 different case sizes simultaneously
  • Changeover one case while others still running
The Gripper of a Gantry Robot Carrying Totes
Gantry Robots
Up to 2 m/secAll XYZ movements of the Gantry Robot are controlled by servo drives. Therefore our Gantry system is accurate to a couple of millimetres

Steel reinforced toothed belts drive the axes. These are precise, quiet in operation, long lasting and easy to maintain.

Up to 4 Gantry Robots can share the same working area. This makes our Gantry system ideal for applications such as palletising and order picking as multiple robots have Different solutions available to minimise the head height required by the Gantry system. The standard Gantry Robot has a fixed axis that is at least as long as the height of the pallet. An optional telescopic axis can half the Z axis and the Z-NIX axis can reduce the height above the pallet to little more than that required by the Gripper.

Our software is open source, -no black box- based on Beckhoff Soft PLC and programmed in Codesys.

Gripping can be by Vacuum, Magnet or Mechanical Clamping in rows, stacks or as individual packs.

  • Palletising across Multiple Lines
  • De-Palletising
  • Storing totes
  • Buffering Cases or Totes
  • Central palletisers
  • Compact layout
  • Size and throughput expandable in the future
  • Direct fast, point to point movements
  • Evenly distributed floor loading
  • Single gantry robot can handle multiple lines to palletise move or store
FP 150, LP150, FP 300, LP 300
Palletising Robot in Operation
Palletisers and De Palletisers
Up to 10 x 40 m Working Area
  • Order picking
  • Tote, case, can or bottle handling
  • Multiple line palletisation
  • Direct point to point movement
  • Expandable system
Tote Stacking and Palletising
Tote Stacking, De stacking and Palletising
Up to 1800 Crates per hour
300 x 200 x 100mm to 800 x 600 x 400mm
  • Totes
  • Crates
  • Bananna Boxes
  • Optional Automatic Format Changeover
  • Intergrated Conveyors
  • Stacking or De-Stacking
FP300, FP150

Automated Warehouse using Gantry Robots
Up to 250 picks/hrWide Areas, Up to 12 x 40 m
  • Warehouse
  • Bakery
  • Cold Store
  • Up to 4 Robots sharing the working Area
  • High storage density.
  • Comparatively low maintenance when compared to mini load systems.
FP150, FP300

Order Picking Robots
Subject to ConfigurationAreas up to 10 x 40 metres
  • Cases
  • Trays
  • Kegs
  • Totes
  • Multi-product gripper
  • Modular System
  • Automatic layer scheme generation using Ro-Mix software
  • High through puts (200 pallets per hour)
  • Different pallet sizes
  • Integrated wrapping possible
Order Picking in Drinks Distribution Centre
Warehouse Material Handling and Buffer Systems
2m/s subject to payloadExtra Wide - up to 20 m x 40 m

Payloads up to 1000 Kg

Point to point motion

  • Crate Storage
  • Tray Storage
  • Empty Crate Buffers
  • Tray washer buffers
  • Cold Stores management
  • Fast throughput
  • Not restricted to area
  • Easily expandable
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