Tablet Packaging Lines, Tablet Counter Overview Table

Tablet Packaging Lines, Tablet Counter Overview Table

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Description/ ModelSpeedTechnicalFormat Range Applications Benefits
Bottle Unscrambler
Bottle Unscrambler
Bottle Diameter < 80mm, Bottle Height < 200mm
  • Plastic containers
  • Nearly all parts are stainless steel
  • Optional integrated air-rinsing unit
  • Quick tool-less changeover (less than 10 mins)
  • Miss-oriented bottle recognition and blow out
DOS 100
Leaflet applicator, leaflet pasting machine
Topserter, Outserter machine
120 Bottles/minAdvanced take-over-movement for exact positioning of topsert

Precise positioning of topsert on cap of bottle

Presence control of topsert on cap

Servo motor controlled motor drive of machine

Centralized height adjustment of all working stations

Nordson ProBlue4 glue-melting system

Fully automatic leaflet sorting and feeding devices

Leaflets Folded max 45 x 45 mm
Bottle Dia < 90 mm, Height < 180 mm
  • Application of Leaflets to Side or Top of Bottles
  • Hot melt glueing of Leaflets
  • Cycloid Pick-up motion
  • Magazine or bowl fed leaflets
  • Changeover to other bottle size in less than 15 minutes
Monobloc Counter Capper Labelling Machine
Monoblock Capsule and Tablet Counter
60/minSingle Turret

6 Track Cremer Counter

Servo Controlled Vibratory Tracks, setting stored in Recipe

No cams to adjust under machine frame

All settings and timings adjusted from the HMI

Dia. < 90mm
Height: 40 - 215mm
  • Plastic or glass bottles
  • Tablet or capsule filling
  • Labelling for round bottles
  • Small Footprint
  • Count, Cap, label on same machine
  • Labelling for round containers
  • Optional in line weighing
  • Quick changeover

Linear Monoblock Counting Machine
100 Bottles/min and 200 countsServo Driven for ultimate control and fast changeover

Rake transport to reduce bottle change parts

Cremer Counting Modules

Fast changeover bottle clamps and capping heads.

Bottle Ø < 90 mm and Height < 180 mm, others on request
  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Oblongs
  • Fast Changeover from HMI
  • Compact Footprint
  • Can be configured to add most functions
Track and Trace Tamper Evident Labeller
Tamper Evident Track and Trace Labeller
Up to 300 Cartons per minuteA=20-100 mm B=15-85 mm H=50-200 mm
  • Serialisation of Blister Cartons
  • Fully Automatic changeover from the HMI or using a scanner
  • Motor driven adjustment points
  • Open to whichever Track and Trace architecture is required
  • Lugged conveyor transport
  • Herma labeller
  • Optional vignette labeller
Table Top Tablet and Capsule Counter
Table Top Tablet Counter
up to 57,000 Tablets/Capsules per hourFunnel and housing are made of stainless steel.

IP64, the system can quickly and easily be cleaned.

Suitable for use in cleanroom, isolator or high-activity laboratory.

Intelligent fault monitoring

Ethernet interface through which the system can be integrated into an overall process or optional feed magazines for the packages.

Cleaning - The machine can be rinsed with suitable liquid.

Automation ? can be automated over conveyor

Micro Tablets
Most Tablets
All Capsule sizes
  • Clinical Trials production
  • Small Batches
  • Can be mounted over Weigh cell for Immediate Verification
  • Compact Machine
  • Low cost entry point
  • Fast Changeover

Serialisation Tamper Evident Labeller
50, 100 or 150 cartons per minute
Inkjet Printer

Pharma Code Verification

Optional Amacena Fully GxP Compliant master Data Management

Width 20 - 200 mm
Length 55 - 300 mm
Height 20 -150 mm
  • Serialisation
  • Labelling
  • Coding
  • Fast tool-less changeover
  • No change parts
  • Integrated Serialisation Data
  • Length only 1m
  • Order Management possible from the HMI or inter/intranet
  • Data Communication with Partners or Authorities
  • Reporting Tools
Tablet Reject
Tablet Counter Inspection System
Tablet Counting Inspection System
Subject to Tablet ShapeBroken Piece detection and Reject

Rogue Table detection

Optional Automatic Tablet reject

  • Available as option on Table counting machines
  • Automatic Detection
  • No broken pieces in Bottle
Tablet Counting Machine CF622
Tablet Counter
40-400 bpm , 35 to 45 discharges/min
Servo controlled vibration

Servo driven operation enabling easy control over HMI

Optional dipping nozzles - no escaping tablets

Automatic reject and sampling on the fly.

Tablet Length: 2 > 30 mm, Width: 2 > 20 mm,
Containers < 200 mm high, < 125 mm wide
  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • 100% count accuracy
  • Broken tablet inspection
  • Vibratory feed
  • Improved cleaning and maintenance
DAB 200
ABM 400
ABM 600
ABM 800
AIL 1000
Air Rinsing Machine
Bottle Cleaning Machines
D <90mm, H <130mm
D <90mm, H <130mm
D <65mm, H <130mm
D <50mm, H <130mm
D <85mm, H <180mm
  • Plastic containers
  • Glasses
  • Jars
  • Pots
  • Fast changeover
  • Pulsing blow and suck
  • Bottles sealed to rinse unit
  • Bypass possible
  • Small footprint
  • Cleaning process can be validated
Vertical Cartoner With Automatic Bottle Load
Automatic Vertical Cartoner
60 cartons per minuteOptional Leaflet feeders

Optional Printers - thermal, inkjet or laser

Optional Integrated tamper-evident labels

Optional Euro-hangers

Length: 12mm - 180mm
Depth: 12mm - 120mm
Height: 45mm - 250mm
  • Bottle into carton
  • Blister into carton
  • Canister into carton from multi-head weigher
  • Bag into carton
  • Fast changeover
  • Fully automatic
  • Small footprint
  • Quick format changeover
DDI 1000
Desiccant Inserting Machine for Bottles
Desiccant Machines
Max. 110 containers/minVerification sensor for inserting of desiccants

Reject station for bottles which have not reached set number of desiccants

Reject verification sensor

Serial error stop of machine after 3 consecutive errors

Automatic sorting and feeding device for desiccants

Dia. < 85 mm
Height < 180 mm
  • Barrel type desiccants
  • Sachet type desiccants
  • Verification sensor for inserting of desiccants
  • Reject station for bottles with inappropriate number of desiccants
  • Reject verification sensor
  • Stop of machine after 3 consecutive errors
  • Sorting and feeding device for desiccants
DCL 100
Max. 100 bpmGuillotine cut

Cotton compressor

Containers: Dia. < 85mm
Height < 180mm
Orifice dia: 16?70mm
Length of cotton: 70 ? 200 mm
  • Cotton
  • Rayon
  • Wisp free system
  • Guillotine cut
  • Cotton compressor
  • Tool-less changeover
AVM 738

Capping Machine Spindle
Rotary Capping Machines
60 bottles/minFlexible, modular Capping Machine

Several options available including integrated labelling, induction sealing

Dia. < 90mm
Height: 40-215mm
  • ROPP Caps
  • CRC Caps
  • Aerosol Buttons
  • Press on Caps
  • Corks
  • Special shaped caps and containers
  • Orientation of closure to container
  • Integrated labelling possible
  • Press-on, Screw or Crimp
AVR 200
Linear Capping Machine
Linear Rake Style Capping Machine
50 cycles/min

2-3-4 up (100, 150, 200)
Dia. < 90mm
Height < 180mm
  • Nasal Sprays
  • Lotion Pumps
  • Buttons
  • Press on Caps
  • ROPP
  • Corks
  • Automatic Height Changeover via HMI
  • Universal rake for all bottle diameters
  • No in-feed change parts
  • Innovative Sorting bowls with reduced format parts
  • Accessibility
  • Modular Stations
DEM 100
Linear Labeller DEM 100
Linear Labeller
Max. 200/minDia. < 90mm
Height < 180mm
Max. dia. of reels: 400mm
Max. height of label-reel: 100mm
  • Square bottles
  • Round bottles
  • Special shaped bottles
  • 3-sided labelling possible
  • Small footprint
  • Quick changeover
  • Up to 200 bottles/min
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