Labelling Machines Overview Table

Labelling Machines Overview Table

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Description/ ModelSpeedTechnicalFormat Range Applications Benefits
Table Top Labeller
Table Top Labelling Machine
800 labels per hourSprung Arm with spindle to support light weight products

Fully adjustable container supports

Soft press on wheel for cylindrical containers

Label Reel Side guides

Frame, powder coated steel

Reel Max Outside ?: 260 mm

Weight: approx 15 Kg

Machine Dimensions: 540 x 450 x 200 mm

Dia. < 260mm
Height < 360mm
Label Width < 300 mm
  • Aerosols
  • Plastic Containers
  • Round bottles
  • Lightweight bottles
  • Self Adhesive Labelling
  • Space saving table top labeller
  • Arm with roller to hold containers from top
  • Side guides for perfect alignment
  • Compact Table Top Machine

Automatic Table Top Labeller
Automatic Table Top Labeller
60/minMax label width: 160mm
  • Plastic containers
  • Round containers
  • Glass containers
  • Compact design
  • Quick changeover
  • Can be integrated into packaging line
  • High accuracy, repeatability
DEM 100
Linear Labeller DEM 100
Linear Labeller
Max. 200/minDia. < 90mm
Height < 180mm
Max. dia. of reels: 400mm
Max. height of label-reel: 100mm
  • Square bottles
  • Round bottles
  • Special shaped bottles
  • 3-sided labelling possible
  • Small footprint
  • Quick changeover
  • Up to 200 bottles/min
DEM 738
DEM738 High Speed Bottle Labeller
High Speed Bottle Labeller
Max. 400 bottles/minDia. < 90 mm, Height 40 < 215 mm. Others upon request
  • Plastic bottles
  • Glass bottles
  • High Speed
  • Compact Footprint
  • Herman label Applicator
  • Smooth Motion

Serialisation Tamper Evident Labeller
50, 100 or 150 cartons per minute
Inkjet Printer

Pharma Code Verification

Optional Amacena Fully GxP Compliant master Data Management

Width 20 - 200 mm
Length 55 - 300 mm
Height 20 -150 mm
  • Serialisation
  • Labelling
  • Coding
  • Fast tool-less changeover
  • No change parts
  • Integrated Serialisation Data
  • Length only 1m
  • Order Management possible from the HMI or inter/intranet
  • Data Communication with Partners or Authorities
  • Reporting Tools
Track and Trace Tamper Evident Labeller
Tamper Evident Track and Trace Labeller
Up to 300 Cartons per minuteA=20-100 mm B=15-85 mm H=50-200 mm
  • Serialisation of Blister Cartons
  • Fully Automatic changeover from the HMI or using a scanner
  • Motor driven adjustment points
  • Open to whichever Track and Trace architecture is required
  • Lugged conveyor transport
  • Herma labeller
  • Optional vignette labeller

Monoblock Rotary Liquid Filler and Capper
60/minFilling with Rotating Piston pumps

or Mass Flow Filling

or Vacuum Filling

Optional Wipotec weigh cells mounted under star-wheel to verify gross and or Tare Weight.

CIP optional

Dia. < 90mm
Height: 40 ? 215mm
  • Plastic or glass bottles
  • Liquid, gel, cream or powder filling
  • Compact, ergonomic
  • Quick changeover
  • Optional labelling for round bottles
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