Assembly Systems Overview Table

Assembly Systems Overview Table

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Description/ ModelSpeedTechnical Applications Benefits
DTA 600
DTA 1200
Single Dip Tube assembly Machine
Dip Tube Assembly Machine
600 valves/min
1200 valves/min
Servo driven length setting allows the dip tube assemly machine to produce different length tubes at the same time

Length of dip tube can be selected on HMI touch screen

Can be fitted with multiple outfeeds on same machine

Direct feed filling machines or feed to hopper

Dip tube Laying Possible

  • Aerosol Valves
  • Lotion Valves
  • Up to 3 outfeeds on the same machine
  • Different lengths selected from the HMI, no manual length adjustment
  • Labour savings
  • Transport Savings
  • Feeder savings
  • Remove production problems with bent dip tubes
Valve Case Loader
Valve Case Loading Machine
550 valves per min
1100 valves per min
  • Valves with dip tubes
  • Brush transport for valves with dip tubes
  • Different length dip tubes can be packed
  • Interlocking layer patterns
Continuous Motion Machine - Continuomat
Continuous Motion Assembly Machine
Up to 750 cycles/minPuck transfer

Spring handling at high speed

Efficient mechanism by CAM control

  • Pump assembly
  • Dip tube, infusion tube cutting
  • Bending, glueing of cannulas
  • O-ring, gasket feeding
  • Ball bearing, spring feeding
  • Camera inspection/verification
  • High volume production from 20 to 200 Million
  • Fully automatic machine
  • Puck product transport
  • Spring handling at high speed
  • Smooth CAM driven machine
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