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Opitz and Raupack deliver Case Openers, Case Erectors and Case Sealers to Europa Worldwide

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Opitz and Raupack deliver Case Openers, Case Erectors and Case Sealers to Europa Worldwide

Category: News - Thu, 16 September 2021

Cases in different sizes feeding through the Opitz GO795 Case Erector at Europa Worldwide, Corby.

Six different bottles of wine, next day delivery and of course last minute changes. Putting all that together is made easier by having the right machinery in place, machinery that eases the flow of goods from warehouse to each customers' door step. Raupack and Opitz have delivered seven packaging machines to Europa Worldwide to meet demand for mixed wine cases. Highly flexible case erectors, openers and sealers have been installed in Corby.

Customer: Europa worldwide


3 Opitz GO795 Case Erectors

 2 Opitz Case Openers / new model GO935

 2 Opitz GO 755 fully automatic Case Closers

Opitz GO795 Case Erector features:

  • Automatic adjusting to case dimensions
  • Knife height can be manually adjusted by the operator
  • Twin magazine Case Erector
  • Erects, and tapes the bottom of the box
  • Ready for transfer to the order picking process
  • Maximum flexibility and built in redundancy

Opitz Automatic Case Erectors with a twin magazine format allows for two different case sizes at the same time. Europa Worldwide have installed three Opitz Case Erector allowing for six different carton sizes, selected by the Warehouse Management System. Open cases are bottom sealed and automatically sent by the WMS to order picking stations. By installing three Case Erectors, instead of six separate machines, Europa Worldwide have covered their complete format range with half the footprint, reduced conveyers and of course, much less cost.

Case Opener ready to receive boxes of wine that will be sent for order picking.

New model Opitz GO935 Case Opener features:

  • Opening on 4 sides, the lid is ready to be removed by the operator downstream
  • Automatically adjusts to the width and length of every case
  • Similar innovative technology to the Opitz Volume Reducing carton closer
  • Small footprint easily integrated with conveyors
  • Safely performing cutting tasks with accuracy

Incoming boxed goods are opened and transferred to warehouse storage ready for their contents to be picked to order. The knife height is easily adjusted by the operator, ensuring different case sizes are easily managed. The cutting process is automated to increase throughput and reduce operator error or injury.

Case Closer and Taper features:

Case Closer at Europa Worldwide, Corby
  • Automatic adjustment to case dimensions
  • Box closer and sealing with self-adhesive tape
  • Other tape options available including wet paper
  • Closure possible at different positions including underside, top or corner taping

The case closer is controlled by the warehouse management system in an automated order picking system.

Opitz have already installed a quattro magazine case erector system in Europe, allowing for a huge range of possible carton sizes to be processed at the same time. Obviously, not everyone has that many requirements but here at Raupack machinery we are committed to finding the optimal solution to your order picking and packaging needs, from semi-automatic bottom folding devices to fully automatic, integrated packaging lines.

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