JW develops Mask Cartoner to meet payback and delivery requirements of volatile market

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JW develops Mask Cartoner to meet payback and delivery requirements of volatile market

Category: News - Fri, 8 January 2021
Example of Carton of Masks
Example of Carton of Masks

Since the outbreak of Covid 19 there has been a huge surge in demand for disposable masks. Times are uncertain and whilst mask manufacturers saw a spike in demand for their products, they could not be certain of the longevity of demand. Their customer, a Germany Mask manufacturer, needed a machine priced for a fast payment with a short delivery time.


To meet this need JW has developed a feeding system for their cartoner to allow fully automatic packaging of face masks from two lines. They simplified certain design elements to meet the tight budget required to get a suitable payback.

In order to allow fast transition from hand packaging to automated packaging the cartoner erects Crash Lock cartons.

Key Features of the Line

  • 2 Manufacturing lines feeding to a single cartoner
  • 25 or 50 masks per carton
  • Up to 100 masks per minute combined output from 2 manufacturing machines.
  • Print of batch code and expiry date on carton face
  • Crash lock cartons with tuck-in top closure
  • 2 Hour carton magazine autonomy
  • 100 mm x 200 mm x 55 mm carton size.
Mask Cartoner Layout

Stations of the Cartoner

  1. Take over from each of 2 mask manufacturing machine
  2. Stacking station to stack 25 or 50 masks
  3. Shuttle to transfer mask stacks to intermediate station
  4. Intermediate station before transfer to carton
  5. Carton magazine for crash lock cartons
  6. Printing of Expiry Date and LOT Code
  7. Carton filling station, placing stacks of masks into carton
  8. Upper flap closing
  9. Carton discharge
Mask Cartoner
JW Mask Cartoner 3D View

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