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Deckert Installs Tablet Counting line with 2 Linear Counters feeding High Speed Labeller

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Deckert Installs Tablet Counting line with 2 Linear Counters feeding High Speed Labeller

Category: News - Mon, 18 January 2021

Rudolf Deckert delivered a counting line to a manufacturer of Vitamin Tablets in Germany. The system consisted of 2 linear Monoblock counters and a high speed labeller. Deckert is known for the quality and innovation of their systems. Their systems are designed with fast changeover and high performance in mind.

Tablet Counting Line
High Speec Tablet Counting Line

Key Line Features

  • 2 Rotary tables with In-feed plates
  • 2 TVR 200 Monoblock Linear count-cap-retorqueing machines
  • Rotary table Merge
  • Metal Detector
  • DER 101 High Speed Labeller with Print and Verification
  • Line Speed up to 200 bottles per minute
TVR 620 Layout
Rudolf Deckert TVR 620 Layout

2 TVR 200 Linear Monoblock Counting-capping machines

The 2 TVR 200 were fitted with 6 Cremer counting modules achieving an impressive 100 bottles per minute for 200 counts on each TVR. The rake transport is designed for fast changeover, height and bottle diameter changeovers are tool-less and largely executed from the HMI. A cap scanner verifies the cap placement and a re-torquer verifies cap tightness.

In this instance the customer only had a single size of bottles and caps but runs different ingredients in their tablets. For small batches the customer only runs one of the two machines. This cuts down on cleaning time as one machine can be cleaned while the other is running. For larger runs both machines are run together to maximise output. Downstream from the Deckert equipment the customer had automatic end of line equipment.

DER 101 High speed labeller

The DER 101 labeller was fitted with Herma labelling heads to achieve an impressive 220 bottles per minute. Thermo-transfer printers printed batch code and expiry date onto the labels and a camera verified the print before application.

TVR 620 Twin Tablet Counting Line

To find out more read details on our website: http://www.raupack.co.uk/machinery/linear-monoblock-counting-machine.aspx

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