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Palletising onto Dollies

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Palletising onto Dollies

Dolly Palletising Robots



Palletising Totes onto Dollies
Palletising Totes onto Dollies - Raupack UK and Ireland


Dollies can be palletised in deicated dolly systems or as part of a centralised palletisation system.

In a mixed system dollies are transported on roller conveyors on slave pallets.

In a deicated system dollies are often transported on chain conveyors.

Benefits of using Gantry Robots for Palletisation onto dollies are many:

  • Single robot can palletise onto mulitple dollies
  • Dollies can be processed as part of a mixed system using slave pallets
  • The Gantry Frame is fully expandable
  • The working area of the robot is square, maximising space utilisation.
  • A single frame can be retrofitted with additional robots to maximise capacity
  • Stacks of indiviual totes can be palletised onto dollies
  • The legs of the gantry can be customised for low apllications or high applications such as off a 2m infeed conveyor.
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