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Gantry Robots

Gantry Palletisers, Portal Robots

Model Speed
Up to 2 m/sec



Two gantry robots palletising four lines
Gantry robot palletiser, depalletiser


The Gripper of a Gantry Robot Carrying Totes
The Gripper of a Gantry Robot Carrying Totes - Raupack UK and Ireland


Gantry Robots excell in situation where area, speed and flexibility are required. Because the Gantry Robot sits above the working area and does not take additional space solutions are relatively compact. The portal frame is expandable in all dimensions allowing the Gantry Robots to access any required locations. Direct fast, point to point movements. Unlike an articulated arm robot the gantry movements are straight not spherical. products handled from above Evenly distributed floor loading at the legs of the Portal frame of the Gantry Robot. Single gantry robot can handle multiple lines to palletise move or store.


  • Palletising across Multiple Lines
  • De-Palletising
  • Storing totes
  • Buffering Cases or Totes
  • Central palletisers

Main Benefits

  • Compact layout
  • Size and throughput expandable in the future
  • Direct fast, point to point movements
  • Evenly distributed floor loading
  • Single gantry robot can handle multiple lines to palletise move or store

Technical Features

  • All XYZ movements of the Gantry Robot are controlled by servo drives. Therefore our Gantry system is accurate to a couple of millimetres
  • Steel reinforced toothed belts drive the axes. These are precise, quiet in operation, long lasting and easy to maintain.
  • Up to 4 Gantry Robots can share the same working area. This makes our Gantry system ideal for applications such as palletising and order picking as multiple robots have Different solutions available to minimise the head height required by the Gantry system. The standard Gantry Robot has a fixed axis that is at least as long as the height of the pallet. An optional telescopic axis can half the Z axis and the Z-NIX axis can reduce the height above the pallet to little more than that required by the Gripper.
  • Our software is open source, -no black box- based on Beckhoff Soft PLC and programmed in Codesys.
  • Gripping can be by Vacuum, Magnet or Mechanical Clamping in rows, stacks or as individual packs.



Order Picking in the Deep Freeze: De-layering

03/12/2018 11:23:40

Ro-ber have delivered a robotic de-layering system into a deep freeze, working at temperatures of -27ËšC
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Gantry Robot system installed at UK crisp manufacturer

27/01/2016 15:00:05

In 2015 a Gantry Robot was installed at a UK Crisp manufacturer. The original decision to purchase the Gantry Palletiser was made in part due to the reliable construction of the components which became clear to the customer when he saw a system in operation.
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Gantry Robots are becoming common as Warehouse Automators

09/10/2012 13:54:37

Gantry Robots are begining to frequent totes and crate stores. There reach makes them exceptional choices. Some customers have used the area underneath the frame of the Gantry Robot a holding place for SKUs from porduction that are required to make selection packs. These products are stored in crates on the ground adn retreived in partial stacks when requried.

In the food processing industry customers have placed the Gantry Robots inside the cold store to handle crates of frozen food delivering individual filled or empty crates to their production equipment.

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