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Entry Level Case Taper for Gummed Tape

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Entry Level Case Taper for Gummed Tape

Box Taper for Water Activated Tape

Model SpeedFormat Range
GO750Up to 10 cases per minutemin 250 x 150 x 180 mm
max 800 x 600 x 650 mm



GO750 Entry Level Box Taper


GO 750 Water activated Tape Sealer
GO 750 Water activated Tape Sealer - Raupack UK and Ireland


The GO750 is an entry level case taper that applies water activated gummed paper tape to the case top and bottom. It automatically adjusts to the case dimensions operating at up to 10 cases per minute. The GO750 is designed for operator feeding, the operator closes the flaps before passing the box to the in-feed of the case taper. The machine can be operated using a foot pedal.

Simple Reel Change

The gummed paper tape reel is fully supported inside the machine during reel change.


  • Warehouse Dispatch Operations
  • Manufacturing environments
  • Entry Level

Main Benefits

  • No format changeover needed
  • Environmentally friendly Water Activated Gummed Tape
  • Compact footprint
  • Easy Reel Change
  • Operator feeding

Technical Features

  • Automatically Adjusts to Case Dimensions
  • Top and Bottom Flap Closure
  • Pneumatically controlled tape dispensers
  • Simple PLC to recognise input


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