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Automatic Vertical Cartoner

Vertical Cartoners

Model SpeedFormat Range
CCM-AV60 cartons per minuteLength: 12mm - 180mm
Depth: 12mm - 120mm
Height: 45mm - 250mm



Automatic vertical cartoner with bottle load
Cartoner with Tamper Evident Labeller
Full Automatic Vertical Cartoniner for Tea pyramids into Gable Top Cartons
Vertical Cartoner for Face Masks


Vertical Cartoner With Automatic Bottle Load
Vertical Cartoner With Automatic Bottle Load - Raupack UK and Ireland

Fully automatic vertical cartoner Raupack UK and IrelandFully Automatic Tablet Counting, Capping and Cartoning Line Raupack UK and IrelandVertical Cartoner With Automatic Bottle Load Raupack UK and Ireland


The CCM-AV fully automatic cartoning machine has been designed based on current customer requirements and meets essential criteria.

This cartoning machine is an intermittent motion machine which can easily handle packs with aeroplane tuck, alternating tuck or glued flaps. During its movement, the box is perfectly maintained in its position.

The benefits of the CCM family of cartoning machines do not end here. The machine can be fitted with either tuck or glue closure. The tuck closure is format free. This means that there are no closing change parts required when changing from one standard carton to another.

The CCM Vertical Cartoners are designed to be flexible. They can be built to be manually loaded or can be fitted with automatic product loading stations.

A wide range of feed systems are available to handle anything from bags to bottles. The most common is the pick and place unit that is used for bottles.

With automatic product loading the machine is able to handle 60 cartons per minute.


  • Bottle into carton
  • Blister into carton
  • Canister into carton from multi-head weigher
  • Bag into carton

Main Benefits

  • Fast changeover
  • Fully automatic
  • Small footprint
  • Quick format changeover

Technical Features

  • Optional Leaflet feeders
  • Optional Printers - thermal, inkjet or laser
  • Optional Integrated tamper-evident labels
  • Optional Euro-hangers



JW develops Mask Cartoner to meet payback and delivery requirements of volatile market

08/01/2021 10:26:15

Since the outbreak of Covid 19 there has been a huge surge in demand for disposable masks. Times are uncertain and whilst mask manufacturers saw a spike in demand for their products, they could not be certain of the longevity of demand. Their customer, a Germany Mask manufacturer, needed a machine priced for a fast payment with a short delivery time.
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Cartoner that Counts into Cartons

09/07/2019 13:59:41

JW has supplied a filter cartoner that count filters into a box using a Cremer CS-TQF 830 counting module. The use of a counting module ensures the right number of products is in each box. compared with other methods such as multi-head weighers, counting is a space efficient way to bring products to the machine .
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Barry M satisfied with vertical cartoning machine

17/11/2017 17:28:52

One of the leading brands in the cosmetics industry, Barry M have recently purchased a fully automatic vertical cartoning machine to pack nail varnish bottles into cartons. The machine was delivered to their main manufacturing site in London and they couldn't be more satisfied with the system since.
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Jakob and Weinmeier can use large carton formats on their vertical/horizontal cartoning machines

23/02/2016 15:42:43

Jakob & Weinmeier have recently built a horizontal cartoner that can adapt to carton sizes up to 400mm in height and 200mm in width. Format changeover to a different size is fast thanks to the easily removable cassettes and the quickly adjustable guides on the cartoner.

Jakob and Wienmeier Supply cartoners to Tea Industry

23/02/2016 15:42:16

Recently JW have supplied two vertical cartoners to the Tea Industry. Of these the first was essentially a Bag in Box cartoner placing a Flow pack of tea bags into a Gable top Carton. The speed of the carton was up to 60 cartons per minute. The second vertical cartooning machineĀ used a pick and place unit to pick individual sachets containing a single bag and place them into the cartons. This pick and place operation created a stack of tea bags inside the carton.  

Vertical Cartoner at Strategy Group

03/08/2011 14:59:56

Strategy Group have now installed a CMAS Vertical cartoning machine. Strategygroup are a contract packer offering service largely in the confectionary sector.
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