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Aerosol Micro Leak Detectors

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Micro Leak Detector
Micro Leak Detector - Raupack UK and Ireland

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Now with over 15 installations in the UK. The Aerofid Aerosol Leak Detecor is verified by Bourgoynes to be compliant to the ADR 2007 directive and the BAMA standard!

This machine is able to detect all hydrocarbons propellants without change parts. It has become the natural choice for the contract packer who requires flexibility.

Summary of Compliance from the Bourgoynes Verification Report:

5.1 The machine as supplied by Raupack designated Aerocan 100 (the machine) is capable of fulfilling the requirements of ADR 2007 of a leak tester for filled aerosols as part of the approved alternative to the Water Bath method.

5.2 The machine has controls in place to minimise risk of explosion.

5.3 The machine can be considered to avoid flammable atmospheres in normal operation by design thereby requires no additional zoning from its environs, and has an internal zone classified as non-hazardous.

5.4 The machine can be considered as complying with the BAMA standard


  • Aerosol cans in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industry
  • Water Bath Alternative
  • After Water bath

Main Benefits

  • Fully Housed Machine
  • Integrated Reject
  • Not at risk of poisoning or contamination
  • Approved by VCA as part of water bath alternative
  • Detect leaks anywhere on can
  • In Aerosol industry for over 25 years
  • Easy fast Calibration

Technical Features

  • Detects propellant gases like R134A, propane/butane, LPG, DME or other hydrocarbons.
  • May detect leaks in cans for carbon dioxide and other gases when hydrocarbons are present in product.
  • Detects micro leaks lower than 2.0 x 10-3 mbl/s detectable to meet ADR 2007
  • Adjustable micro leak reject threshold
  • Carousel or run through machine
  • Detector uses single head analyser
  • Ventilated Machine to ensure Atex Compliance



Leak Detector installed at LMA Services in Pocklington

10/05/2010 08:49:01

The Bautz Aerosol Leak Detector, capable of more than 200 cans per minute, has been verified to comply to the requirements of ADR 2007 for use as part of the water bath alternative by Bourgoynes on Friday 12 September, 2008. Three further machines are due to be installed in the UK in the second quarter of 2009

Burgoynes Report Verifies Leak Detector Compliance

10/05/2010 08:47:07

The Verification Report describes how the Aerocan Leak Detector complies to the British Aerosol Manufacturers (BAMA) standard, including its safety and zoning requirements. It also details how the leak detector complies to the requirements of ADR 2007 for use as part of the water bath alternative.
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Stock Aerosol Leak Detecting Machine Being Built

10/05/2010 08:46:01

From 29 April 2010, for the first time, compliance with all aspects of the Aerosol Dispensers Directive (ADD) and the application of the reversed epsilon compliance mark is mandatory under UK law. As preparation we are building a stock Aerocan Leak Detector. This small 800 x 800 mm machine is capable of testing cans at up to 100 cans per minute, either after the water bath, or as part of the water bath alternative. It uses a single sensor head and can be calibrated in less than 10 minutes. The machine, which is available for rental, has been verified by Paul Dewhirst of Bourgoynes to comply with the water bath alternative requirements of ADR 2007 and the BAMA standard.

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